Outsource Software Development


Wondering how to lower your development cost but keeping or improving your software quality? Make Ohara IT Solutions your Offshore Development Center today to lower operating expenses and raise productivity. Selecting the global software outsourcing partner for custom software development is a critical decision as it impacts the overall business. We enable start-ups, small-sized and multi-billion dollar global companies to outsource product development in India. We strive towards product quality in an efficient and reliable manner focusing on our problem-solving expertise. Since every business comes with its set of unique challenges and process specialities, each of them needs a customized software solution to meet the present competitive needs. As a result, even if there are various Commercial Off The Shelf software available, most of them fail to meet the specific operational needs of a business.

Does outsourcing your IT infrastructure administration and support help? Yes, it does, not only because of the cost benefit but also because the resources and SLA you get are unmatched. This highly reduces the TCO (total cost of ownership).

Our Services:
– Complete Product Lifecycle Development and Maintenance
– Custom Application Development
– 360 Business and Requirement Analysis
– Design, Architecture
– Integration
– Maintenance
– Support
– Testing & QA
– Helpdesk

The Advantage of working with Ohara:

Our veteran team of offshore development experts will set up your development process in such a manner that the drawbacks will be turned into advantages. Our services will ensure:

Cost Effectiveness: You can be rest assured that with our expertise of processes and vast experience, cost-effectiveness will not be a hassle anymore.

Superior Product Quality: We have delivered quality products consistently owing to our superior training modules, work environment, and rich company ethics.

Constant Communication Channel: You will always be connected to the process. With constant updates and a clear communication hierarchy, you will always be aware of the developments.

Punctuality: One of the main USP of our offshore development is punctuality. We are experts in following deadlines and respecting time.

Suitable Infrastructure: A suitable infrastructure is a must for delivering quality products on time. We understand the same and ensure the infrastructural facilities never delay the product development.

High-End Security: We provide complete security to the data and the confidential properties of the clients, and ensure high security at all levels.

We are caretakers of our client’s intellectual property, proprietary software and new development specifications. Our clients retain full ownership of all intellectual property rights and software source code at the end of any project. We are software development outsourcing partners and are fully focused on getting a project done Quickly, Efficiently and Effectively.

Get in touch with us today to schedule a meeting to discuss your proposals to get in touch. Improve your businesses management and boost your profitability with us!