Offshore Working Models

Offshore Working Models

The offshore software development model now is evolving by leaps and bounds. For those who have doubts which level of outsourcing or business model will suit their business objectives best, we help you find the best.

Onsite Model
In this model, consultants are deployed at the client site, working from the initial consultation until the project’s completion. Representatives will have face-to-face client interaction and a clear understanding of the client’s requirements and policies. There are no communication gaps, which enables better project control and management.

Through our on-site software services, you will get:

– Face-to-face interaction with the team member
– Maximum control of the team’s time and productivity
– Negligible communication gap
– Reduced recruitment/training costs

Onshore Model
In this model, a consultant works remotely but resides in the same city or country as that of the client. There could be more than one onshore work site. It may also be possible that some consultants will work at the client site while others work from a remote location within the same territory. This model could be a combination of onsite and offsite.

Through our onshore software services, you will get:

– Significant cost savings
– Faster Response time – 24/7 turn around of development efforts, if required
– Better resource allocation, the easy availability of resources with various skills and specialization in the latest programming technologies
– Process-Oriented development: Clients can focus on their core business objectives while we take care of the processes involved in design, development and quality control

Offshore Model
In this model, all the project tasks from the start until completion will be accomplished at one or more offshore sites using an outsourcing team. It may be recommended that project managers or delivery managers should be assigned at both the client as well as the offshore site to have better project control and manageability.

At Ohara, our offshore software development services take a full load of development off shoulders. We will have a highly skilled team of developers and testers building out solutions to make you successful.

Through our offshore software services, you will get:

– Readily available, experienced resources
– A skilled sub-team to complement your own onshore/onsite teams
– Potential for near round-the-clock capability to reduce cycle times
– Capable of handling long duration and large projects
– 24/7 turn around of development efforts
– Time-to-market with the right cost
– Project maintenance
– Established business processes

Hybrid Model
This model features the combination of onsite, offsite, and onshore models. The Hybrid model provides the cost-effectiveness of the offshore model as well as the face-to-face contact that is crucial to preventing communication gaps and ensuring your projects’ success. The ultimate solution is usually the integrated Onsite-Nearshore model, as it is usually as effective as the Onsite model, yet offers the cost-efficiency of offshore development.

Through our Hybrid Delivery Model, you will get:

– Transparent Project status and clear communication at all levels
– A deeper understanding of each other’s working styles leading to long-term benefits
– Optimized resource, quality, project and process management
– Cost advantages of having offshore software developers

Companies establish development centres and teams in multiple locations worldwide with an intention to have the following benefits:

– Minimize investment cost
– 24×7 resource availability
– Access to expertise and knowledge
– Intelligent workload distribution and integration
– Faster response to changing client requirements
– Mix and match onsite and offshore resources
– Extended workday—faster project completion
– Low risk
– Backup facilities in global locations in case of emergency or natural disaster
– Highly scalable and flexible resourcing
– Increased transparency and visibility
– Overcome communication challenges
– Multicultural work environment

Contact Us and we’ll consult you on selecting the model that will suit your specific business case.