Erp In Healthcare

Ohara IT Solution provides healthcare organizations across the size spectrum with an integrated ERP solution. The ERP system works with the organization’s EHR platform to manage reimbursements and medical billing, decrease supply chain costs, develop profitable teams, and measure overall financial health.

Key benefits of the healthcare-specific ERP solution are real-time supply chain management, patient accounting tools that can create one bill for all services rendered, staff profitability and productivity assessments, and web-based business intelligence analytics.

Our Expertise in the development of Healthcare ERP Systems includes:

Core Modules

– Patient & Care Management
– Departmental Modules
– Electronic Medical Record

Hospital ERP Support Modules

– Billing Systems
– CSSD- Diet and Kitchen
– Waste Management
– Dashboards
– Housekeeping

Back Office Modules

– HR Management
– Payroll Management
– Accounts/Financials Management
– Store Inventory Management

The use of ERP software solution is considered to be necessary as it helps hospitals and healthcare organizations remain competitive and support their development, consolidations and acquisitions in the 21st century. With the help of ERP systems, you can have a possibility to:
– Streamline healthcare processes
– Provide the patients with highly secure remote access to databases with the help of alternative devices
– Reduce operational costs and do whatever possible in order to increase profitability
– Improve patient care and withstand competition with other medical institutes
– Utilize effective search facilities
– Take advantage of simple centralized backup options.